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Emma West

A tile maker whose work in ceramics has evolved into a printmaking process using embroidery, fresh plants and porcelain, she works with surface texture to convey detail and glazes to emphasize design.

Plants are gathered from her meadow style garden as the seasons roll round and the embroideries all stitched painstakingly by hand. A variety of threads and backcloths are used: silk, linen, scrim, calico, creating varying textural detail and depth.

The colour palette includes inky gradations of blues, blacks, greys, greens, ochres, all creating subtle depth and pictorial effect. A bright pop of turquoise can appear too, aswell as a splash of platinum or gold lustre when the work calls for it and the mood takes.

The work has a peaceful quality. It is illustrative of the everyday and the beauty of the overlooked or incidental, reflecting this makers life, based as she is in a rural studio on the edge of woodland on the Cornish banks of the Tamar Valley.

Commissions and studio visits are welcome. Please get in touch.

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